Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Zeus the wonder dog & my wonder friends/family/teachers

September was the beginning of this awful 8 month long journey.
It's finally over!

I can now move on, I have closure, and I'm ready to start the summer with no more weight on my shoulders.

Zeus ,my wonder dog, has been my best friend ever since we adopted him. He definitly has been a strong influence in me getting through this.

My Aunt Patty - I am forever grateful for everything you have done for me. Thank you for coming with me and making it enjoyable and barable! I am so happy that I got the chance to get to know you and I look forward to our relationship growing.

Mrs. Tousley - I get too emotional thinking about what you've said to me and how you've shown me nothing but kindness -- I don't know what else to say but thank you.

My friends especially Kevin, Cody, and Alex - Thank you for just letting me talk and spew my emotions!

Good, and you?

I've worked in a grocery store for almost 4 years.
It is customary to say 'Hello how are you today?'

I decided I will NOT be saying that anymore.

Everyone just says 'Good, you?' And walk away. They don't wait for your response ( not that they would care )

Everyone says good. I'm not always good, but you can't be like horrible and you? haha.

It's just become insincere. When I ask people 'How are you?' I really want to know.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Flowering Pansy, A Dress, In February?!

Hey New Meadowins!
I heard you got snow...
How SAD!
Okay so I thought I'd come back to brag
We set out for dinner at like 8:00 p.m.
I wore a summer dress...
We walked a couple blocks.
It's warm!
They have flowers in February!

Palm trees are amazing. by the way.

Also, the smell of the ocean, fantastic.
Seafood, spectacular
Oh Oh Oh!
9:50 p.m. Swimming in outdoor pool. Twas nice.
Suck it Zims!
I will be so depressed returning to snow//cold.

Guess How Far?

Wow! What a long day!
My first flight left Boise at 7:30 am and I arrived in Pensacola at 6:30 pm.
I am 2411.44 miles from home. =[[
Well I can't tell you what it's like here because it was already dark when we landed.
All I can say is...it seems like driving through Caldwell. wtf? I've been jipped!
Breathing here was hard to get used to.
Anyway, I'm off to eat some seafood.
I'll keep everyone updated tomorrow after I tour the courtroom and see Pensacola in daylight!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Disappearing Act/Kidnapping

I haven't seen my 'mother' in about two weeks now.
I used the term 'mother' lightly here.
It's not a big loss. I don't seem to notice. I get along fine.
Please understand I am not being cruel or insincere...
My mother, My MOM started disappearing about a year ago.
This disappearance is the reason why her absence isn't difficult.
There is a human missing from my household, but my mother has been missing for a while.
I've just been waiting for her to come back...
I will wait forever.
And when she comes back,
I'm here with open arms.
The man responsible for this disappearance,
One could call him a thief, a homewrecker, a mothernapper,
Is one Jack Ketlinski.
You manipulated and poisened my mother's mind and you took her away from her children.
Does that satisfy your ego?
Does that make you feel good?
You promised her a better life.
You convinced her to leave us and it would get better.
Did you promise her she'd be in an empty house WITHOUT her kids?
I hope one day something is taken from you. Someone or something.
I hope you feel this pain.
I hope you feel abandonment just like my brother, dad, and I feel.
You've taken a wife and mother of two away.
All I have to say is,
Fuck you Jack Ketlinski.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


That's Webdings for postponed.
That's webdings for another word that is totally appropriate right now.
So after all of my stressing out over getting my schoolwork done, and rushing to get through things and bugging teachers to write my finals early, they postpone it.
GAH! I feel like a fool.
The public defender that he was assigned has stage 4 cancer and must take a medical leave. They will be providing him with another public defender but that gentlemen needs time to get to know the case and everything involved.
I understand it's cancer and I feel bad for that man and his family - no one deserves that.
I am still angry/frusterated. Maybe a little sad...
All I know is I can't stop crying.
The trial is re-scheduled for March 2nd. I will leave February 26th and come back March 5th.
Hah. Something will go wrong again.
This is the third time it's been changed.
I. am. hating. the. court. system.
I don't even want to do this anymore!
I thought I was doing a service...doing something good.
This whole thing is just a fUckiNG inconveniance on MY life.
I was really looking forward to a short vacation.

Monday, January 19, 2009

three days away...

I am overwhelmed.
There! It's out.
My work is infront of me but I cannot focus long enough to get any done.
I'm a flake
I finally got my Faust essay done. It is supposed to be 500 words, I did 1000.
I was on a roll.
I feel like I am not going to do very well on my finals because of all my stressing out.
No excuses. Suck it up and do well.
Ashley's Task List
  1. THREE chemistry mini reports.
  2. at least one mam/orn mini presentation
  3. Pack
  4. Study for finals

Wow. That makes me seem like a baby for complaining. =[[

I feel overwhelmed okay? I can complain.

The high in Pensacola, Florida for monday the 26th is 71 degrees!! The low -- 61!

I can't wait. Goodbye snow, hello beaches!

I will play in the ocean.

I'm getting nervous for the trial.

I'm scared.

But don't tell anyone.